Workshop 4 Portfolio

Featuring Cris Galêra Playboy and Sexy Magazine Model 

Who is it for?

Beginners or Experienced Photographers looking for:

   ☑️ learning new techniques of photography with both, natural and artificial lighting, indoors and outdoors 

   ☑️ creating or updating their Glamour Photos Portfolio

   ☑️ shooting with professional models  

   ☑️ shooting at stunning locations

   ☑️ networking

   ☑️ having a great day among gorgeous models and other photographers

   ☑️ all above

Guest Pass

How about spending a day among stunning models, meeting them (also the photographers), and maybe even getting a selfie with them?
Yes, you can join us as a guest and enjoy the workshop as a spectator, learn some photography tricks and see how it's done live.
You can bring your mobile and take photos and videos, as long as you don't block the photographer's angles and don't expect models to pose for you.

Guests will not be allowed to use any other camera other than the mobile ones and also we kindly ask them to keep their flashes off so they don't interfere in the photo sessions.

Guest pass £300
Limited spaces available
Full payment in advance is required and nonrefundable


Special Guest
Cris Galêra
Cover of
Playboy Magazine Australia
March 2022

Cover of Sexy Club Brazil
Photographed by Davi Borges


London SE9

That's how
we do it

shooting day at Fasani's Mansion

We will provide:

  • Professional Models 
  • Make-Up artists
  • Stunning Location
  • Photoshoot with Alec Fasani
  • Time for participants to shoot 1:1 with each model
  • 5 Retouched images* for each photographer to be delivered within 15 days after the workshop

* Aditional retouches can be arranged with reduced prices at individual negotiations according to the number of images.


Affordable Location's Hire

After participating in our workshop you will be part of our collaborator's team on Whatsapp.
There we can discuss anything about photography but most of all we can arrange stunning locations (otherwise too expensive to hire) for photoshoots on sharing basis of up to 4 photographers per day.
That will bring the cost of the locations to affordable levels so you can keep your images on a very high level without breaking your budget.


• London UK - April 6th, 2022 


for workshop participants

• A DSLR with at least one lens (fast lenses are recommended)
• Portable lighting kit (optional but highly recommended)
• Knowledge of photography basics as exposure, shutter speed, aperture, and iso



Price includes:

• Hands-on camera workshop with models
• Snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day.
• 5 edited images for each participant (to be ready in up to 15 days after the workshop)
• Be part of our Collaborators group on Whatsapp to have access to sharing locations deals
• We will be proud to post your images with your direct contact on our social media mentioning you have completed the workshop with us, 

50% non-refundable deposit is requested to guarantee the space.

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